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Expand Your Horizons with Global Shop Solutions

When your company is experiencing unexpected growth, your business practices must evolve alongside the change. Growing your business means that an influx of data is inevitable, and to optimize production, a centralized database must be implemented. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the solution your company will need when experiencing these growing pains. An ERP solution […]

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Evaluating ERP for SMBs

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions provide users with the capabilities to manage a variety of functions and increase operating efficiency. ERP software helps to create a level of coordination and cooperation between various enterprise departments increasing the information flow from previously isolated functions. Top ERP vendors primarily aim their software at large enterprises, and thus the […]

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Heli Electronics Announces its ERP Solution

Recently, Heli Electronics Corp announced the introduction of its Heli ERP system. For those unfamiliar with the Heli Electronics Corp, they are a marketing, distribution, and after-sales service company of Audio-Visual products based in Guangzhou, China. Heli Electronics Corp created an ERP solution that has become popular in Chinese enterprises because of its very efficient […]

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Epicor’s ERP Software Selected by Chatsworth Products Inc.

Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI), a global manufacturer of products and service solutions that optimize, secure and store technology equipment, have announced that they have chosen to use Epicor 9 to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes. CPI cites Epicor’s flexible business process management and Service Oriented Architecture as the fundamental reasons for […]

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Magic’s ERP Mobile Development System is Now Available!

Magic Software enterprises, recently announced the release of a new mobile ERP development package. The package was developed for use by systems integrators and ERP users from software companies such as SAP and Oracle JD Edwards. The software will address the issues faced by system integrators and ERP users when trying to combine data from […]

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ERP Systems Will Save Money and Increase Profits

Recently, Aberdeen Group, a leader research provider, announced that small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) that use enterprise resource planning (ERP) will be more successful. Aberdeen published a report, “ERP in SME: Fueling Growth and Profits”, which states that SMEs are 50% more likely to have better visibility if they use ERP solutions. The reports […]

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SYSPRO Listed on Focus’ Top ERP Solutions Guide

Focus Inc., a technology and business expert guide, publishes an annual guide to the best ERP solutions. This guide is helpful for businesses who want to determine which ERP solution best fits their company. It recommends solutions that include either accounting, CRM, finance or HR. It also lets you compare significant features of vendors, such […]

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Should you ERP?

Selecting an ERP Solution is no easy task. There are countless enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that consumers have access to today. ERP solutions are designed to help inter-departmental collaboration, optimize efficiency and facilitate access to vital information. ERP systems are built to replace a discordant set of multiple business software solutions with a sleek, […]

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5 ERP iPad Business Applications

The iPad is rapidly gaining momentum, as over three million have already been sold. It is the easy on-the-go device that balances a laptop and and the iPhone. It is a portable solution, but has more data storage and flexibility that the iPhone. The iPad is ideal for business users who need to access information […]

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SYSPRO’s ERP Solution Chosen by Fairchild Industries

Recently, Fairchild Industries announced that they would be implementing the widely acclaimed  SYSPRO ERP software to stimulate and sustain growth for their company. Fairchild Industries, a supplier of rubber and plastic products, required an ERP solution to increase the operating efficiency of their internal structure. Originally, Fairchilod industries had planned to use a custom DOS […]

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