SYSPRO’s ERP Solution Chosen by Fairchild Industries

Recently, Fairchild Industries announced that they would be implementing the widely acclaimed  SYSPRO ERP software to stimulate and sustain growth for their company.

Fairchild Industries, a supplier of rubber and plastic products, required an ERP solution to increase the operating efficiency of their internal structure. Originally, Fairchilod industries had planned to use a custom DOS system, but after careful evaluation they had decided the system was outdated. They finally decided to implement the SYSPRO ERP software because it provided the company a complete package with everything they needed. The SYSPRO ERP users are now able to control all of the operations within the enterprise including accounting, manufacturing, and distribution.

Additionally, Fairchild was drawn to the award-winning SYSPRO ERP solution because the technology is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, and the integrated package makes for simpler training and user experiences. SYSPRO also based their technology on the Microsoft platform, which improved the learning curve for Fairchild employees because they were already familiar with the portfolio of Microsoft products.

With the recent deployment of the SYSPRO ERP solution, Fairchild Industries hopes to enhance their operational effectiveness by leveraging the ERP software to reduce costs and improve the decision making process by improving forecasting, inventory management, tracking management, and customer relations.

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