Benefits of Supply Chain Software

Your company is doing well, things are looking up! But then you hit a snag and have to search multiple systems to locate misplaced information. Maybe it’s time to implement all the benefits of supply chain management (SCM) software. SCM software can easily be integrated with existing company systems for seamless, and transparent, inventory managing, customer order tracking and inventory shipments.

SCM helps optimize your supply chains

SCM can beneficially help companies work more efficiently. Similar to predicative texting, some SCM software can predict market requirements, respond to volatile market conditions and align company operations across global markets. SCM benefits also include better responsiveness to unforeseen events, such as, machine failures, staff absences, delivery delays, the receipt of wrong or faulty goods, missing goods, urgent customer orders and human error.

Who doesn’t like additional benefits?

SCM software can be a huge benefit to potentially grow with your company, and, increase supply chain visibility by sharing data with other suppliers. This means ordering raw materials when needed (no guesswork!), or conversely, rushing to order more if demand unexpectedly increases. Additionally, by sharing information about the sales of a manufacturer’s product in all the stores, retailers would have fewer empty shelves.

There is a big payoff: timely and accurate supply chain information and the ability to make, or ship, only as much of a product as there is a market for.

Vendor selection

Let’s assume you’ve done the footwork and mapped out your company’s supply chain, consulted customers, employees and accurately identified key areas where you’d like to see improvement. Attending a vendor forum with a plan should be your next step. After gathering a good selection of candidates, invite your top three to demonstrate in-house. Give them a chance to address and present their SCM software benefits with your required company specifications but allowing room for future growth.

Key tips

  1. Select your software vendor to be an on-going business partner, not a one time deal.
  2. Carefully map out your entire supply chain and plan accordingly.
  3. Have the whole company be on board, all employees, not just only department heads.

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