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Epicor ERP Solution Will Be Implemented at Lamprell

On Tuesday, Epicor Software, a leading enterprise business software solutions provider, announced that a major oil and gas contractor company, Lamprell, will implement one of Epicor’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Lamprell will use the Epicor 9 next-generation ERP solution. Lamprell was in great need of an upgrade from its original system, which includes applications […]

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Evaluating ERP for SMBs

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions provide users with the capabilities to manage a variety of functions and increase operating efficiency. ERP software helps to create a level of coordination and cooperation between various enterprise departments increasing the information flow from previously isolated functions. Top ERP vendors primarily aim their software at large enterprises, and thus the […]

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Develop ERP Mobile Programs Easier

Magic Software Enterprises, the application platform and business integration company, just announced the release of its new mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP) development program. The mobile development package was developed as an affordable solution for companies, such as SAP and Oracle JD Edwards, that integrate systems and use ERP systems. Magic Software Enterprises wanted to […]

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Oracle Announces Release of Business Intelligence 11g Suite

Today, Oracle, the leading business software company, unveiled their latest Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Suite. This much-anticipated product has been in the developing stages for three years. Oracle designed the Business Intelligence 11g to help customers have better business visibility because their business intelligence activities will be closely tied to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) […]

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SYSPRO’s ERP Solution Chosen by Fairchild Industries

Recently, Fairchild Industries announced that they would be implementing the widely acclaimed  SYSPRO ERP software to stimulate and sustain growth for their company. Fairchild Industries, a supplier of rubber and plastic products, required an ERP solution to increase the operating efficiency of their internal structure. Originally, Fairchilod industries had planned to use a custom DOS […]

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ERP and Cloud-Computing: Making Upgrades and Innovation Easier

The traditional sentiment of what it takes to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) and similar large, complex packaged applications is that it’s a big, lumbering, exhaustive process. Standard procedures such as installation, configuration, testing new systems and then moving them into production can take enormous time and effort, and software changes often just layer on […]

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Epicor 9, Offsite Is On The Mark With Cloud-Based ERP

Machine shops and other small- and mid-sized manufacturers have much to gain and learn about information management. Considering that many of these shops have a small number of employees and only a few who may need to keep track of orders and process data, it is understandable that their focus is more on their products […]

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Apple Pushes iPad and Mobile ERP

The iPad is an undeniably sexy device for constant connectivity and amazing fun and useful apps. Many developers are looking to the iPad as the next great player in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) segment. The enterprise resource planning segment spans across the management of an enterprise’s physical and software assets, fiscal and human resources […]

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What Vendors Think About Moving Legacy Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions to Cloud Platforms

While many vendors are moving their enterprise resource planning applications to the cloud to capitalize on press opportunities, EMC, Lawson and Epicor repeat the same message – don’t upgrade your application, upgrade your infrastructure. EMC CEO Joe Tucci explained that businesses won’t be willing to give up their existing investments in custom enterprise resource planning […]

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ERP Provider Targeting SMEs in Newest ERP Software Launch

The continued expansion and increase in ERP Software use worldwide has fueled a global demand for ERP solutions. Companies all over the world are implementing and looking for new, more updated ways to perform traditional business processes. ERP Providers are beginning to open up towards developing their products towards different companies as the demand for […]

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