Develop ERP Mobile Programs Easier

Magic Software Enterprises, the application platform and business integration company, just announced the release of its new mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP) development program. The mobile development package was developed as an affordable solution for companies, such as SAP and Oracle JD Edwards, that integrate systems and use ERP systems.

Magic Software Enterprises wanted to give companies the opportunity to avoid using complicated device-specific software by offering an easy to use mobile development ERP application. Magic Software Enterprise’s uniPaaS application platform and iBOLT integration suite was designed to build the mobile ERP applications easily without the need for complex software. The ERP application runs in the cloud. It also gives business users the capability to integrate data from many different systems and the ability to access all ERP data.

The application can run on Windows Mobile devices. Magic’s ERP application gives mobile devices the ability to allow ERP data to be integrated on both the mobile phone and on the back-end system. This creates a more powerful and efficient decision making process because data from different ERP systems is combined onto one mobile screen, allowing users to have a holistic view of the data.

Magic Software’s representative, David Akka, commented on the ERP solution. He said, “This mobile package for ERP is an efficient method for porting heavy ERP system data to mobile devices while adding value to that data. Not only are you creating a rich mobile front-end application with fewer resources using the uniPaaS cloud-enabled application platform, but the use of the iBOLT integration suite allows users to extend and composite the ERP data with other data without re-working the existing business logic. The process requires far less system testing and is cheaper and quicker than alternative methods currently available.”

Overall, the mobile development application platform is an inexpensive application that is ideal for larger ERP companies. It is a great alternative to more complex systems. The ERP mobile package allows companies to extend its ERP data to mobile devices, ultimately allowing business users to make more informed decisions.

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