Types of ERP Software

There are many different types of ERP software designed to help companies streamline various business processes. While ERP software features vary from one vendor to the next, most of the core modules stay the same. Most ERP systems include supply chain software, manufacturing software, financial management software, project management software and human resource management software.

Supply Chain Software

Supply chain software is an ERP module designed to help companies manage its entire network of suppliers, production plants and even storage facilities and help reduce logistical errors by streamlining and centralizing a company’s distribution strategy. Supply chain software typically includes inventory, order management, procurement, logistics, supply chain, return management and incentive management.

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Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing software is designed to help companies improve the end-to-end processes of designing and building a product. Manufacturing software modules include tools to help companies streamline product design and configuration processes, track and manage product components, automate a company’s production scheduling, accelerate manufacturing processes and improve the overall quality of the products being produced.

Financial Management Software

Financial management software is an ERP software solution intended to help companies manage and increase efficiency of financial processes. Financial management software contains tools such as general ledger, cash management, accounts payable and account receivable to help companies manage their financial processes.

Project Management Software

Project management software is made to help companies manage projects more efficiently. Project management software routinely includes tools for costing, billing, time and expense management and activity management. Many project management ERP solutions include features that link the shop floor production directly to dashboard managers can access.

Human Resources Management Software

Human resources management software is designed to increase human resource efficiency by eliminating repetitive paperwork which also helps reduce the risk of costly errors. Human resource management ERP solutions usually include tools to help streamline payroll processes, training, time and attendance management and benefits management.

ERP software is made to help businesses run smoothly. The type of features that an ERP solution provides is dependent on what industry it is geared toward. Find the right ERP software by comparing software vendors in the Top 20 ERP Vendors white paper.

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