Distributor Switches from Netsuite to Acumatica ERP

Acumatica, a provider of cloud ERP software, announced that Quantum Group has successfully made the switch to their software and is already seeing the benefits.

Quantum, a producer of high-quality, custom fabrics, required an ERP platform to manage their complex corporate structure comprised of seven companies in three different locations. They wanted a more flexible ERP system that could be accessed anywhere without the investment of installing and maintaining client software. After evaluating their existing NetSuite solution, they proceeded to make the switch to Acumatica ERP, which is a fully integrated and hosted application.

Barbara Page, controller at Quantum Group said, “After Seven years of using the NetSuite platform and needing more control and flexibility for our expanding business, we made an assessment and decided to switch to Acumatica.”

Acumatica ERP’s migration tools made Quantum’s jump from Netsuite simple for M2 technologies, one of Acumatica’s value added resellers, to facilitate.  Accumatica has proven to be a good fit for Quantum because of advanced financial features that can be shared by multiple users across the entire organization. With all of these features and benefits Quantum is able to involve more people in their business process automation, and best of all, Acumatica does not charge user based fees.

After the successful implementation of Acumatica’s cloud ERP, Quantum has continued to utilize cloud computing technologies by leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud.  This lets the company benefit from built-in disaster recovery features without the worry of managing operating systems, hardware, and other datacenter issues.

Ezequiel Steiner, Acumatica CEO, commented on Quantum’s recent switch to Accumatica. He said, “We’re pleased to add Quantum to the roster of enterprises that have selected our platform to enhance their business processes. Quantum can automate its operation by quickly adding multiple users without having to install and lock in to client software or pay additional license fees. Users can access real-time data, features, and reports from any location. And the company has the control they need at a price they can afford.”

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