Evaluating ERP for SMBs

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions provide users with the capabilities to manage a variety of functions and increase operating efficiency. ERP software helps to create a level of coordination and cooperation between various enterprise departments increasing the information flow from previously isolated functions. Top ERP vendors primarily aim their software at large enterprises, and thus the benefits for small and medium sized businesses may not be as apparent.

However, in today’s dynamic environment small start-up organizations can rapidly grow into medium sized businesses, and medium sized companies can also see rapid growth as well. Therefore, it is paramount for top ERP vendors to offer flexible systems, and recently the top ERP vendors have begun to tailor certain packages for small and medium sized businesses.

There are vast benefits to implementing Enterprise Resource Planning software, which includes improved cost control, better response time, enhanced information access, and quick and timely reporting.
However, small and medium sized businesses looking to implement ERP software must evaluate the cost of implementation to the benefits.

Sophisticated ERP software requires training and support of staff as part of proper implementation practices, and this will undoubtedly create some organizational changes. When a small and medium sized business experiences growth, it will require flexibility in its ERP software, in order to account for the changes the enterprise takes on as it develops.

Small and medium sized businesses ERP software can be very valuable tools, but without proper implementation procedures, the software solution can seem daunting, cumbersome, and downright useless. The key for implementing is to ensure that the right questions are asked about the ERP software, and that all possible problems are addressed at an early stage of the decision making process.

When evaluating SMB ERP software it is critical for organizations to not lose sight of their business objectives, and the ERP software must be tailored to fulfill these objectives. Companies that properly leverage SMB ERP software can reap the benefits of increased information flow and a boost in overall operating efficiency.

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