Epicor 9, Offsite Is On The Mark With Cloud-Based ERP

Machine shops and other small- and mid-sized manufacturers have much to gain and learn about information management. Considering that many of these shops have a small number of employees and only a few who may need to keep track of orders and process data, it is understandable that their focus is more on their products and not fine tuning their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

But with the changes in the manufacturing landscape, it matters now. Smaller manufacturers are consolidating, meaning there are more opportunities to line up new business. Also, OEMs in many industrial segments (automotive, aerospace, energy) are streamlining their in-house manufacturing to cut costs, but at the same time expect to improve their supply chain effectiveness. Even offshore manufacturers are seeking to line up regional product sources to quickly elevate themselves to becoming global suppliers if they have the right systems in place.

Epicor is betting on the confluence of these trends with the introduction of its first cloud-based ERP, Epicor Express. Like the circuit box in your basement, all the generating, storage, transforming and delivery of resources are done offsite; and that’s how Epicor will allow manufacturers to adopt its latest enterprise resource planning “solution”, Epicor 9. Offsite, unseen, powerful.

Cloud-based ERP is a credible delivery model for smaller manufacturers because of the advantages it brings for their operations and the opportunities it creates for their businesses, but also because subscription-based licensing – Software as a Service (SaaS) – suits their economic circumstances. Other advantages of cloud-based ERP include lower entry costs, shorter deployment time, elimination of hardware and software maintenance, vendor-managed upgrades, global availability and seamless integration.

The monthly fee for the subscription-based licensing model covers everything: software, hardware, operating system, support, training resources and on-going system maintenance and upgrades. With all these efforts streamlined, subscribers can focus more on their core business operations than managing IT. Cloud-based ERP is going to make manufacturers and machine shops’ lives a lot easier.

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