What Vendors Think About Moving Legacy Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions to Cloud Platforms

While many vendors are moving their enterprise resource planning applications to the cloud to capitalize on press opportunities, EMC, Lawson and Epicor repeat the same message – don’t upgrade your application, upgrade your infrastructure.

EMC CEO Joe Tucci explained that businesses won’t be willing to give up their existing investments in custom enterprise resource planning applications or they may be reluctant to invest in solutions which could potentially lock them into a particular vendor or cloud provider. For these reasons, he concludes that the best way to the cloud is via a virtualized data center.

According to David Stodder, Lawson Software uses Amazon Web Services to run its suite of enterprise resource planning applications so customers can benefit from the cloud. The idea is to have your current existing enterprise resource planning applications run on a cloud services provider which is then managed through virtual private servers.

Epicor launched a new multi-tenant SaaS enterprise resource planning application based on its existing Epicor 9 software. The Epicor SaaS version of the enterprise resource planning software contains a subset of features available via the on-premise offering in order to simplify implementation.

So do we want to move legacy enterprise resource planning solutions to the cloud or use new web-based and cloud-engineered application on the cloud to reap more benefits?

Here are some of the benefits when enterprise resource planning applications are written for the cloud. (Click to enlarge)

Changing the infrastructure alone without updating the application is not enough to reap the most optimal benefits of enterprise resource planning solutions. Ultimately, enterprise resource planning applications and data center improvements need to occur together.

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  1. Hopper Grace says:

    I agree!Improvement in both ERP Application and data center will only give benefits to the maximum extent.

  2. For getting maximum benefit of ERP(enterprise resource planning) solutions its necessary that not only the infrastructure but the application is also updated.

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