Apple Pushes iPad and Mobile ERP

The iPad is an undeniably sexy device for constant connectivity and amazing fun and useful apps. Many developers are looking to the iPad as the next great player in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) segment.

The enterprise resource planning segment spans across the management of an enterprise’s physical and software assets, fiscal and human resources and inventory. With its server-based architecture, everyone inside and outside the enterprise can easily connect with each other and the application.

Workers don’t just want to be stuck in front of a terminal nowadays. With the expanding capabilities of Smartphones, iPhones and other mobile devices, enterprise developers are given more opportunities for a more mobile direction for ERP clients.

In particular, the medical market is already seeing growth in mobile ERP adoption. Doctors and nurses are adopting the iPhone, voting with their feet and now jumping on the iPad too. They’re using these tools for significant daily work, real patient and medical data management. The mobile tools are solving enterprise data entry problems. Thanks to Apple’s design and effortless user interface, we can now take a new approach to computing on a corporate scale with massive and enthusiastic user participation.

While the hardware in exam rooms now is elegant and high quality and probably costs millions in integration, the success of an enterprise resource planning solution really boils down to everyone using it and using it efficiently. With its impressive usability and speedy touch screen response, the iPad with a running mobile ERP solution might just be what the doctor ordered.

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