Heli Electronics Announces its ERP Solution

Recently, Heli Electronics Corp announced the introduction of its Heli ERP system. For those unfamiliar with the Heli Electronics Corp, they are a marketing, distribution, and after-sales service company of Audio-Visual products based in Guangzhou, China. Heli Electronics Corp created an ERP solution that has become popular in Chinese enterprises because of its very efficient and in-depth modules.

The purchase modules of Heli’s ERP solution allow a company to manage every aspect of the procurement. This includes the supplier management, purchase management, goods delivery, purchase order and material storage. The purchase module of the ERP solution effectively links the purchasing to the warehouse module to create an increased level of communication between the two departments.

Order taking effectiveness is improved by the sales modules of the Heli ERP software. Users of Heli’s ERP solution can monitor the entire sales process, and analyze market trends through their timely reports. The solution even adds a level of intelligence by providing real-time statistics and analytical reports of sales data.

Heli’s ERP solution is able to completely manipulate the materials and goods with up to the minute information from the warehouse modules. Various calculations are provided and effective controls can be implemented through this module, which significantly reduces storage costs through an improved inventory process.

The ERP software also implements accounting modules that provide the financial conditions of each department in real-time. Numerous reports are provided in the accounting modules and companies are able to effectively manage financial planning.

Heli’s ERP solution, with all of its modules, is able to increase operating efficiency and successfully manage company resources to sustain growth. President and CEO of Heli Electronics, Xin Qiu, commented, “We have always pursued advanced company management methods, mostly because we believe management is a crucial element for the company being able to sustain its growth. Our ERP system has proven to be a great tool in scientific information management. We will continue to improve our management system in order to create a favorable environment for our business development to increase, which in turn, we hope will increase our revenue. We believe that this will be highly beneficial to all stakeholders of our company.”

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