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Digital China is the #1 ERP Software Provider in China

Digital China continues to maintain a hold on the #1 position in the ERP Software market as they once again maintained the largest share of the ERP Software market. With the rapid improvements made in ERP Software, the global demand for ERP Software has increased, causing new markets for ERP Software to appear in foreign […]

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Impact of SaaS On ERP Market

SaaS continues to have a huge impact on business technology, but the impact on ERP Software may not come as soon as people think. SaaS Software is usually used to offer one specific function such as sales force automation or some other specialized process. Currently, the state of SaaS is not developed enough to offer […]

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ERP Software Market Continues To Expand Globally

ERP Software continues to be growing in popularity as countries all over are beginning to realize the potential benefits ERP Software can have on one’s company. Recently, it was reported that the ERP Software Market in Gulf Countries will hit $300 billion by the end of 2009 demonstrating the worldwide interest in ERP Software. Growth […]

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ERP Spending Rising as Demand Increases

ERP Software had long been considered a luxury amongst manufactures for many years. However, that is not the case now as ERP Software is becoming more and more critical to the day to day operations of a successful business. As the need for ERP Software continues to rise, it is natural that ERP software spending […]

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ERP Growth Expected Amongst Utility Companies

More money is expected to be invested in ERP services in the utilities industry over the next few years as companies look to consolidate processes and streamline business processes. In doing so, companies hope to achieve efficiency and also reduce costs as well. Although a number of utility companies have already invested in an ERP […]

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Plastic Molding Technology Implements EnterpriseIQ ERP Solution

PMT, a plastic molding company, has finished the implementation of a new ERP software package that should improve efficiency in its business operations. PMT settled on EnterpriseIQ becuase it provides features that were specifically designed for the business that PMT does. Naturally, EnterpriseIQ was a good fit for PMT. PMT has always had a committment […]

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Speedy Products Implements IBS ERP Software

Speedy Products has come to an agreement with IBS to implement IBS’ ERP software in its new China location. Speedy Products will continue its use of IBS ERP products as it expands its agreement with IBS to include its new China location. IBS provides companies with a fully integrated ERP solution which includes all aspects […]

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Open Source ERP

Open source products have long been a cost effective way of allowing users to share software and simultaneously work on the existing software to help improve it. The number of users that interact and work on a single software product can help improve products dramatically at a very low cost. The introduction of an open […]

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Microsoft Confident as India Demand for ERP Increases

Microsoft has long been a player in the ERP industry, but has also long been behind the larger names such as SAP and Oracle when it comes to ERP software. However, Microsoft has played out a key SMB strategy which could help them overtake the ERP market in India. ERP is growing as an industry […]

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NGC Integrates Redhorse Apparel ERP System with DMI’s Demand Software

NGC has integrated its RedHorse ERP software with DMI’s Demand Solution software to help increase sales and reduce inventory. RedHourse, an apparel specific ERP software, monitors many KPIs which Demand Solutions does not currently offer. Integration of both of these ERP solutions should have many benefits for customers of NGC and DMI such as:      […]

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