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Visibility.net Launches ERP Deployment Options

Recently, Visibility Corporation, a provider of ERP software, announced several options for the deployment of its ERP solutions. The various deployment options  of the ERP software include traditional on-site deployment, traditional hosted, and SaaS hosted solutions. Executing the on-site deployment method requires that organizations use their own hardware and IT support after purchasing the necessary […]

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Syspro Gives Manufacturing Companies the ERP Solutions Needed to Succeed

Lee Springs, a manufacture of springs, announced a successful partnership with Syspro recording Lee Springs one-millionth sale using the Syspro ERP Software.  Lee Springs incorporated the Syspro ERP software in 1999.  With the help of Syspro, Lee Springs has been able to continuously upgrade their systems to suit their needs.  Lee Springs credits Syspro for […]

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Plex Systems Receives Award for Plex Online

Yesterday, Plex Systems Inc. announced that their acclaimed Software as a Service Manufacturing ERP software, Plex Online, was named a 2010 Best Product that Readers Trust. The Network Products Guide, a leading technology research and advisory guide, named them the best in the Saas and Cloud Computing category. They also named them one of the […]

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More Racing to the Cloud: SAP Adds Virtualization

SAP covered three basic segments at their SAPPHIRE conference last week: on-premise, on-demand, and on-device product strategy. And while the on-demand end news was largely speculative and related to plans for future products, they did announce a virtualization partnership with Cisco, EMC, and VMware’s Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalition. The VCE was formed in 2009, […]

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Soho OS: Free Small Business Utility Platform

Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors focus on solutions for medium to large companies. Optimizing ERP processes for micro-businesses is difficult to do because most platforms, although they can be customized for small businesses, aren’t specifically designed for the small business. That’s where Soho OS steps in. Soho OS is a full service small business […]

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Is SaaS ERP Profitable?

SaaS has been a much more popular option for companies looking to cut costs while trying to maintain the same level of service and quality. However, SaaS providers may not benefit as much as people think. SaaS profitability has long been an issue associated with SaaS Software. The lower price of SaaS Software often makes […]

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Impact of SaaS On ERP Market

SaaS continues to have a huge impact on business technology, but the impact on ERP Software may not come as soon as people think. SaaS Software is usually used to offer one specific function such as sales force automation or some other specialized process. Currently, the state of SaaS is not developed enough to offer […]

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