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The Benefits and Differences of Web-based, SaaS and Cloud ERP

With Cloud ERP technologies being the current craze, the term cloud technologies has become synonymous with SaaS offerings, web-based software, and cloud applications. Vendors and consumers have already began to use the three terms interchangeably, and  although each offering of ERP solutions do have their benefits, they do contain some key differences from cloud ERP […]

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Soho OS: Free Small Business Utility Platform

Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors focus on solutions for medium to large companies. Optimizing ERP processes for micro-businesses is difficult to do because most platforms, although they can be customized for small businesses, aren’t specifically designed for the small business. That’s where Soho OS steps in. Soho OS is a full service small business […]

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SAP State of The Union: The CEOs Talk Oracle, SaaS ERP

Today at the company’s Palo Alto offices, SAP’s co-CEOs, Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe, fielded questions about the enterprise software giant’s general state. Last month SAP experienced certain discomfort when Léo Apotheker resigned as CEO after only nine months on the job, and speculators attributed his departure to SAP’s inability to get a solid […]

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Cloud ERP News: NetSuite Is Forcing Everyone into The Future

NetSuite has done a good job of establishing their reputation as the go-to cloud-ERP providers, and last week they announced a plan to help more businesses enjoy cloud-based ERP platforms, dubbed the NetSuite SP100 Program. With a new channel sales program that includes a 100% margin offer, NetSuite is allowing channel businesses to easily migrate […]

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NetSuite Poaches from SAP, Boast Big Q4 Earnings

Late last week, NetSuite announced their fourth quarter earnings, and their overall success in 2009 is undoubtedly a harbinger of widespread SaaS ERP uptake within the next few years. And if those numbers weren’t enough, they also announced that RedBuilt LLC switched to their product from SAP—NetSuite has successfully poached SAP customers before, but RedBuilt […]

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Is SaaS ERP Profitable?

SaaS has been a much more popular option for companies looking to cut costs while trying to maintain the same level of service and quality. However, SaaS providers may not benefit as much as people think. SaaS profitability has long been an issue associated with SaaS Software. The lower price of SaaS Software often makes […]

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