Cloud ERP News: NetSuite Is Forcing Everyone into The Future

NetSuite has done a good job of establishing their reputation as the go-to cloud-ERP providers, and last week they announced a plan to help more businesses enjoy cloud-based ERP platforms, dubbed the NetSuite SP100 Program. With a new channel sales program that includes a 100% margin offer, NetSuite is allowing channel businesses to easily migrate their current business models to the cloud.

NetSuite makes no bones about wanting to the model for VARs and solution providers, and SP100 will allow those parties to receive commissions not only for new sales, but also for customer renewals. And while NetSuite has long been at the forefront of the SaaS-ERP game, the SP100 Program is an aggressive challenge to their major competitors (Microsoft, SAP, Sage, etc.), who are slowly but surely bringing more cloud offerings to their ERP stables. And it’s definitely a smart move on NetSuite’s part, to enable the value-added resellers (VARs) whose revenues are declining because they primarily offer legacy ERP systems.

The idea seems to be that those ERP providers offering legacy solutions must bring in cloud components in order to compete with NetSuite, and NetSuite seems to assume that the competition can’t quickly produce cloud-ERP solutions that are as polished—and they might not be wrong. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how those other ERP heavyweights respond, but more than that, it’s good to see a major push to bring ERP platforms into the future and proliferate enterprise cloud services.

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