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NetSuite Beefs Up Their Workforce

Recently, Netsuite, a cloud ERP vendor, announced that they will be actively recruiting for over 150 open positions across their entire business. Even with the slow growth in the information technology market, NetSuite has seen dramatic growth. During these hard times, organizations of all sizes have been utilizing cloud computing solutions to increase productivity and […]

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Lawson Software’s Disaster Recovery ERP

Cloud ERP vendor, Lawson, has launched a Disaster Recover service for Lawson customers that want coverage in the event of a technology-related disaster. Lawson Software is a global enterprise software provider whose software and services reach across 40 different countries. Lawson has launched Disaster Recovery for their ERP customers to help organizations resume business operations […]

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NetSuite Named Best Cloud ERP by UK

At the 2010 Cloud Computing World Series Awards in London, NetSuite managed to beat out hundreds of ERP vendors to win the much sought after award of the Best Cloud Application. The Cloud Computing World Series was judged by a panel of cloud ERP experts which included several journalists and analysts from the IT community. […]

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The Benefits and Differences of Web-based, SaaS and Cloud ERP

With Cloud ERP technologies being the current craze, the term cloud technologies has become synonymous with SaaS offerings, web-based software, and cloud applications. Vendors and consumers have already began to use the three terms interchangeably, and  although each offering of ERP solutions do have their benefits, they do contain some key differences from cloud ERP […]

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Ariba and Hubspan Bring ERP to the Cloud

Recently, Ariba and Hubspan announced the creation of a new service that helps organizations connect their ERP solutions to the Ariba Commerce Cloud solutions. The new service provides a cost effective way to integrate the Ariba cloud solutions to ERP systems and provides increased information flow and improved operating efficiency. Ariba believes that systems integrated […]

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Infor Launches ION Services for ERP Application Integration

Last week, Infor, a leading provider of business software, launched Infor ION. Infor ION is a suite of cloud-based software services that will let companies easily integrate ERP applications, simplify the business process management, and share data reports. Infor targeted mid market companies while developing these services. They hope to help companies easily organize and […]

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UNIT4 Introduces the World’s Most Protective, Versatile ERP Cloud Deployment Option

UNIT4, a leading provider of change-embracing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, is now offering one of the world’s most protective, and versatile option for dynamic businesses looking to leverage the cost/time-saving benefits of cloud computing. Called VITA Cloud Angel(TM), the solution supports the Agresso Business World line of ERP software, currently installed worldwide at more […]

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SAP Business ByDesign Is Out–So What’s NetSuite’s Next Move?

As we’ve mentioned here before, the battle between NetSuite and SAP for cloud-ERP dominance has been a lengthy, and very one-sided one. NetSuite made its name selling business software products on the Software-as-a-Service model, while SAP is historically all about the legacy systems. The latter vendor has come under fire for their lack of cloud […]

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Launch of ERP Software Acumatica 1.4

Acumatica, a Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor, announced the launch of Acumatica 1.4 today. The Cloud ERP software company has added several new features to its software to improve ERP experience for customers.  Acumatica’s main function is to automate business processes to optimize efficiency. Acumatica 1.4 is available immediately to users who have the […]

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