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Infor Acquires Lawson Software

On April 26th, 2011, Lawson Software announced its definitive decision to be acquired by Infor and its parent company Golden Gate Capital. Lawson, a Minnesota based ERP vendor, develops enterprise software for companies in the health care, food, and retail fields. This merger will significantly bump the Infor company up in the rankings, which will […]

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Infor To Move Onto Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform

Today, Infor announced plans to run its applications on Microsoft’s Azure, an Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform. This move is part of an industry shift from on-premise to on-demand ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, and will also further tie Infor with Microsoft. The newest models of Infor products will be released through Azure next year. Previously, Infor’s […]

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Infor Acquires Qurius’ ERP LN Operations!

Infor, a provider of business software for mid size companies, announced their acquisition of Qurius’ ERP LN.  Qurius partnered with Infor in the past, providing them with architecture, realization, and systems management for business and IT solutions. The result of this acquisition signifies greater software support for Infor’s products.  With this acquisition Infor can build […]

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Infor Launches ION Services for ERP Application Integration

Last week, Infor, a leading provider of business software, launched Infor ION. Infor ION is a suite of cloud-based software services that will let companies easily integrate ERP applications, simplify the business process management, and share data reports. Infor targeted mid market companies while developing these services. They hope to help companies easily organize and […]

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Irish Refrigeration Company Updates ERP With Infor

Infor, a business software provider, announced that Novum, a refrigeration manufacturer in Dublin, Ireland, upgraded to Infor’s ERP System21 Aurora from an older version of ERP System21. The advancement is expected to make its customer order process more efficient, and improve internal company visibility so that better business decisions can be made. Infor’s Flex program […]

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Infor Acquires Data Collection Firm Bridgelogix

Infor, a mid-sized company ERP software vendor, has acquired Bridelogix. Details about the Infor deal with the Oklahoma-based Bridelogix were not disclosed. Bridelogix is a private company that provides barcode data collection technologies for warehouse, inventory and asset management software applications. The ERP Company has been on a shopping spree in the last decade with […]

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Godlan Launches New ERP Software Promotion Website

Godlan, an approved channel partner of Infor, is a company that has been foucsed on ERP Solutions for awhile. Today, it announced the launching of its new ERP Software resource website which should provide prospective ERP buyers an easier way to look at ERP Solutions. Godlan has been an expert in the ERP Industry for […]

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