Irish Refrigeration Company Updates ERP With Infor

Infor, a business software provider, announced that Novum, a refrigeration manufacturer in Dublin, Ireland, upgraded to Infor’s ERP System21 Aurora from an older version of ERP System21. The advancement is expected to make its customer order process more efficient, and improve internal company visibility so that better business decisions can be made.

Infor’s Flex program allowed the company to upgrade at low cost. The update program permits customers with active maintenance contracts to upgrade to the latest software versions cheaply, and not risk much investment into time or budget. Alternatively, industry analyst firm AMR says that implementing new ERMP systems can often cost millions of dollars, and take years to complete.

All previously separate information systems at Novum will be integrated through the new Infor solution. ERP System21 Aurora allows for readily produced reports with live and customized data. Novum expects an ROI as soon as within 12 months.

“System21 Aurora is providing the practical software tools to manage our growth,” says Robert Gibney, CFO at Novum. “Phase one of the System21 Aurora deployment is complete and already there are immediate benefits. We have begun a process of reducing the overall life cycle of our product process from order to sale. We hope within 12 months to have reduced this by 35 per cent. Already we are on track.”

Along with the update, Novum has also changed to a new IBM system I model 520 using POWER technology to improve its system performance and resilience.

Infor is a U.S. enterprise software provider that has been based in Alpharetta, Georgia since 2004. The company has over 70,000 customers for its ERP solutions.

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