Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010: “The New Way to Do Business”

A few months ago, Microsoft Corp. released Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, an advanced ERP and business management solution. The product is innovative and is sure to increase efficiency and productivity within a company.

Business users can automate the ERP operations as well as customize the product by adding the features and capabilities that users want or need. Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it easy to upload data from other systems making installation fast and easy. Also, companies can set up the Microsoft product so that every employee has access to certain applications, browsers, and mobile devices to view and analyze ERP information.

Users can also manage inventory and goods within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. There are accounting and business intelligence reporting options. Microsoft Dynamics GP also has helpful supply chain management and financial software that can help make those processes a lot faster. Also, there is a new feature- Role Centers. Role Centers give users the ability to perform tasks through other software that people use regularly. There is also a new tool included with the Microsoft Dynamics GP- PowerPivot for Excel 2010, which is a data analysis add-in.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 is easy-to-use because it has advanced workflow processes which makes approval scenarios easier. New features allow business operations, IT administration processes, and daily tasks to run smoother. “By combining the power of business applications and productivity applications, we’re able to support how people really work in their everyday jobs,” said Crispin Read, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 promises to increase your company’s productivity and ROI. According to Microsoft Corp., Winncom Technologies switched from Sage MAS 90 to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and achieved a full ROI in only six months. Microsoft claims that their product is better than other softwares as well, including QuickBooks and Peachtree because they only offer basic accounting software, SAP/Oracle because their ERP system is too complex and expensive, and NetSuite because it is not flexible.

One of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010’s slogans is “The New Way to Do Business.” Their product is definitely innovative and is sure to make the business process a lot smoother, but is it the best product out there? It depends on your company and what your business needs, but based on customer reviews and Microsoft’s claims it does seem that the Dynamics GP 2010 is worth looking into.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is currently available in seven countries, including the United States, and three languages. You can view a demo of the Dynamics GP 2010 on Microsoft’s website.

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