Soho OS: Free Small Business Utility Platform

Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors focus on solutions for medium to large companies. Optimizing ERP processes for micro-businesses is difficult to do because most platforms, although they can be customized for small businesses, aren’t specifically designed for the small business. That’s where Soho OS steps in.

Soho OS is a full service small business management suite with tools for CRM and accounting as well. The SaaS service helps small businesses manage their operations and consolidate operational processes with a single system. The best part is that Soho OS is 100% free, with a guarantee to stay that way forever.

Soho OS is unique because it was built specifically for micro-businesses, with less than 10 employees. The founders took the small business niche market and built Soho OS around the hyper-specific needs of the small business. Soho OS provides a number of key business tools at no charge and offers a few premium tools that users can purchase as well. A few premium services include text and voice messaging, fax, VoIP, conference calls and credit card processing.

The Soho OS system is easy-to-use and simple to navigate through. The business utilities include:

  • Accounts– Account management, calendar, email
  • Sales– Sales history, leads, quotes management
  • Marketing– Campaign management
  • Finance– Bookkeeping and billing

The Soho OS system also has a networking platform to help small businesses manage their social media activity. You can add Twitter and Facebook feeds to Soho, to convert actions into tasks, leads, contacts and events. This will help to streamline social CRM processes and optimize networking opportunities.

Small business management just got a little easier with the help of Soho OS. Although there is room for improvement, the product shows great promise. Based on their current users, the company has reported that 55% users use Soho at least 9 times a month and 36% use it over 26 times per month. The early traction is encouraging and we’re excited to see what the future will bring for Soho OS.

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