Microsoft Confident as India Demand for ERP Increases

Microsoft has long been a player in the ERP industry, but has also long been behind the larger names such as SAP and Oracle when it comes to ERP software. However, Microsoft has played out a key SMB strategy which could help them overtake the ERP market in India. ERP is growing as an industry in India and will continue to generate demand for products which will also generate interest in companies willing to expand to the Indian market.

The SMB demand for ERP in India is continuing to increase at a growing rate. With Microsoft focusing its attention on this market, it may not be surprising to see Microsoft taking a larger chunk of the ERP market in India in the near future. Although SAP and Oracle may dominate the current ERP market in India, it may not be surprising to see Microsoft overtake them in the future with its sound business strategy and the growing demand for ERP products in India.

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