Magic’s ERP Mobile Development System is Now Available!

Magic Software enterprises, recently announced the release of a new mobile ERP development package. The package was developed for use by systems integrators and ERP users from software companies such as SAP and Oracle JD Edwards.
The software will address the issues faced by system integrators and ERP users when trying to combine data from multiple systems.

Magic’s solution is engineered to function solely on Windows Mobile Devices, and will allow mobile ERP development. The uniPaas application platform and iBOLT integration suite will facilitate the building of mobile ERP applications and integrate ERP data onto the mobile device.

David Akka of Magic Software described the benefits of Magic’s new ERP development solution. He said, “This mobile package for ERP is an efficient method for porting heavy ERP system data to mobile devices while adding value to that data. Not only are you creating a rich mobile front-end application with fewer resources using the uniPaaS cloud-enabled application platform, but the use of the iBOLT integration suite allows users to extend and composite the ERP data with other data without re-working the existing business logic. The process requires far less system testing and is cheaper and quicker than alternative methods currently available.”

Overall, Magic’s ERP development system presents exciting progress in the mobile ERP industry for users and systems integrators.

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  1. Hopper Grace says:

    Good to hear that mobile development also utilises ERP for its effective functionality.

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