5 ERP iPad Business Applications

The iPad is rapidly gaining momentum, as over three million have already been sold. It is the easy on-the-go device that balances a laptop and and the iPhone. It is a portable solution, but has more data storage and flexibility that the iPhone. The iPad is ideal for business users who need to access information on the go. Here are five business ERP iPad apps that are great for day to day business processes.

SAPPLAPP 1.6 ($0.99)

This ERP iPad app is ideal for business users on-the-go who need to access their company’s SAP system. The SAP ERP application is helpful for reviewing transactions, sales figures, or the progress of business analyses.

SAPLAPP version 1.6 was updated to fix the problem version 1.5 had of crashing on the iOS versions less than 3.2. SAPLAPP has an average score of 3/5 stars with the biggest complaints being that the app is slow.

Another SAP ERP iPad app is SAP BusinessObjects BI ON Demand and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 2.0.319. This ERP iPad app comprises both the SAP Business Objects BI On Demand application and the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 2.0.310. This SAP app provides a cloud- for free! Users can upload up to 10 MB of data and a table of up to 2,000 data rows in SAP’s cloud.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer lets users answer their business questions with as little as a few taps on their iPad. Users can check their business revenue, recent customer transactions, or other corporate data with this easy ERP iPad app. According to SAP, this ERP iPad app is “your business at your fingertips”.

mERPi AX($44.99)

mERPi AX ERP iPad app is used to extend the reach of Microsoft Dynamics AX by allowing users to monitor workflow tasks and approvals from the iPad. Key features include:

  • Approve, reject, return, deny workflow tasks and approvals
  • Auto claiming of tasks based on workflow activities
  • View and delete alerts
  • Works with standard and custom workflow templates

This is one of the more expensive ERP iPad apps coming in at $45 and there currently aren’t are reviews of this app in the iTunes store. But mERPi AX does seem to include a lot of features of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The requirements to run this app are tou need to be running mERPi web service and have an active user account on Dynamics AX system.

Mellmo Roambi Visualizer 3.0.2 (FREE)

This ERP iPad app allows report data to be displayed, from many different sources including Salesforce.com, SAP Crystal Reports, and Microsoft. Users can even edit reports on the iPad, with the use of graphics. This on-the-go ERP solution allows users to have a mobile dashboard at their finger tips. The app can open .rpt files.

Citrix Receiver 1.1 (FREE)

With this iPad app, users can display the entire virtual desktop of Windows systems. The Citrix Receiver even supports the latest version of Windows, Windows 7. It gives business users flexibility because they can access their desktop from anywhere with their iPad and the Citrix app. The Citrix Receiver is user friendly and secure. Users can access data and applications from their desktops with this reliable ERP iPad app.

Flash for Unit4 ekon(Free)

Flash for Unit4 ekon is the ERP iPad app that allows businesses who run Unit4 ERP stay connected to their business through their iPad. Also, there is a very similar ERP iPad app called Ready Flash, which connects users to CCS Agresso.
Key features of both ERP iPad apps are:

  • User friendly widgets
  • Color coding based on importance or warning level
  • Data source navigation
  • Information access based on user profile
  • Financials include bank balance, debt due, collection period
  • Marketing and Sales includes average margin, best-selling product, turnover
  • Procurement and Logistics includes sales amount and outstanding orders
  • Management includes one-time customers, growth, average yeild

Bonus iPad App

Office HD- Word, Excel Access, PowerPoint ($7.99)

So, it’s not really an ERP iPad app but it does allow users to create and edit .doc and .xls files on their iPad. The Office HD app can display PDF files and PowerPoint presentations, on the iPad. The word processor features include undo and redo, auto-correction, image and table support, as well as paragraph and character formatting. Spreadsheets can be created on the Office HD iPad app.

Documents can easily be transferred via Wireless Local Area Network, so users do not have to email themselves documents or upload them from their computers. The iPad Office HD app also has the ability to save documents. Users can create or delete folders to easily organize their files.

The Office HD app is compatible with Microsoft Word, NewOffice, Excel, Numbers, among other .doc or .xls programs.

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