Federal Foam’s Made2Manage ERP Capabilites Increased With Cost Calculator

Federal Foam has expanded its Made2Manage ERP solution further with the Cost Calculator. The Cost Calculator is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool produced by Progressive Edge for the Consona ERP system. The application is not limited to cost analysis. The Cost Calculator’s capabilities also include project costs overview, vendor histories in procurement, and labor productivity reports.

Federal Foam has been most benefited by the Cost Calculator’s Calculated Actual feature. Before, the Standard Costing method would “trim” costs as the product moved from one level to the next. Calculated Actual gives the actual cost of a part at all developmental levels of the product, including all of the sub-components. Accordingly, Federal Foam has clearer and more exact estimates on the profitability of their products.

Cathy Longtin, Controller at Federal Foam, explains that before using the Cost Calculator, “either we could not get the information, or we had to combine several reports together with different pieces. The Cost Calculator pulls data out of Made2Manage into an easily readable report that provides valuable information. Custom reports and queries are no longer needed to see the information contained in Made2Manage now that we are using the Cost Calculator.”

Kenneth Roy, President of Progressive Edge, says, “What most customers appreciate about the Cost Calcualator is that there are no reports to write. We have done all the work for you. Unlike other tools that even after you purchase the tool, you still need to write the reports and mine for the data relationships. The Cost Calculator works right out of the box and is ready to go. Our twelve plus years of working with Made2Manage customers have given us the knowledge and vision as to what the customers are looking for.

Federal Foam has appreciated the ERP addition in the few months that the company has been using it. The company justifies the product investment in these economic times as well worth it, for the newly available information that either wasn’t previously obtainable or would have taken hours to get.

About Federal Foam:

Federal Foam is a complete custom fabricator of flexible cellular and plastic materials that can also provide engineering and Research and Development services. The company is part of a conglomerate known as Federal International Inc., which is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

About Progressive Edge:

Progressive Edge, LLC., has been a valued-added reseller (VAR) of Consona’s Made2Manage since 1999. The company provides specialized solutions and consulting services for users of the ERP system.

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