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Epicor Reveals Next Generation ERP Solution

Epicor’s new ERP Software solution will be available sometime before the end of this year. This highly anticipated ERP solution is expected to draw a lot of interest as it pulls a number of the best features from a variety of its products and consolidates them into one solution. This new ERP solution is marketed […]

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Consona Corporation Acquires Intuitive ERP

Consona Corporation announced it has reached an agreeement to acquire Intuitive ERP assets from GrapeCity. GrapeCity is a value added reseller and builds upon Consona’s continued campaign to expand internationally alongside its business customers. The acquisition of GrapeCity gains the support of existing customers of Intuitive in China as well as Intuitive’s support team and personnel […]

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Godlan Launches New ERP Software Promotion Website

Godlan, an approved channel partner of Infor, is a company that has been foucsed on ERP Solutions for awhile. Today, it announced the launching of its new ERP Software resource website which should provide prospective ERP buyers an easier way to look at ERP Solutions. Godlan has been an expert in the ERP Industry for […]

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SYSPRO Secures Another Green Manufacturing ERP Contract

CaliSolar , a private company that produces solar cells, has decided on SYSPRO to provide ERP Software for its rapidly growing company. SYSPRO is growing its reputation as a leading supporter of environmentally friendly manufacturing companies as it signs with another “green manufacturer”. SYSPRO provides companies with a wide range of superior features such as […]

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Oracle ERP Customers Selecting Steelwedge as their Business Software Provider

Oracle ERP customers are beginning to shift in their needs as more are interested in Steelwedge Software to help meet their business software needs. Steelwedge is very useful and easy to set up. A number of Oracle Customers decided upon using Steelwedge to manage a number of their sales operations as well as to assist […]

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ERP Software Helps Company Efficiency

At the Building Component Manufacturers Conference this year, ERP Provider Deacom will show how business software can help your company in its day to day operations. ERP Software as well as other business software applications can provide companies with many tools and features that make many performing previously complicated tasks easier and a lot more […]

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Holloman Decides on PENTA Construction ERP Software

The increasing interest in ERP Software continues to grow as companies from various industries look to invest in business software for their companies. Holloman Corporation, an Industrial Contractor, has followed suit and selected PENTA to provide its ERP Software. Holloman decided on PENTA due to its ability to consolidate all business processes into one system. PENTA […]

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Is SaaS ERP Profitable?

SaaS has been a much more popular option for companies looking to cut costs while trying to maintain the same level of service and quality. However, SaaS providers may not benefit as much as people think. SaaS profitability has long been an issue associated with SaaS Software. The lower price of SaaS Software often makes […]

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Lawson ERP Software Continues to Attract Customers

Lawson Software, a longtime provider of ERP Software Products, has continued its success as they continue to attract a number of new clients. Lawson has been able to sign a number of companies for its many ERP products. The recent announcement of IKEA signing on with Lawson is a result of their longstanding relationship as […]

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ERP Provider Targeting SMEs in Newest ERP Software Launch

The continued expansion and increase in ERP Software use worldwide has fueled a global demand for ERP solutions. Companies all over the world are implementing and looking for new, more updated ways to perform traditional business processes. ERP Providers are beginning to open up towards developing their products towards different companies as the demand for […]

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