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The Downside of ERP Software

ERP Software has frequently been showered with praise as it often helps companies lower budgets and helps boost the productivity of its employees. Its role in improving efficiency within the company has helped many companies grow successfully. However, all this success does have a tradeoff. The often ignored downside of ERP Software is a result […]

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SYSPRO Named Software Company of The Year

Syspro, a leading provider of ERP software, has received the “Software Company of the Year Award” from the Technology Council of Southern California. The award recognizes SYSPRO’s committment to its software and the continued innovation in its product to create a more positive environment in the software industry. SYSPRO met a long list of criteria […]

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VServe Technologies Launches Vmanage Web-Based ERP

As companies struggle to even survive in this difficult economic climate, it is hard for them to consider new ERP Software. With the costly expenses associated with ERP Software, it is often way out of a company’s budget. However, the new solution introduced by VServe Technologies can be a welcome change for many small and […]

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Manufacturing Software Provider Introduces Environmental Reporting

Environmental issues continue to draw more and more attention from society as more evidence is showing the results of our continued misuse of our natural resources. It is becoming a more pressing concern as irreversible changes are beginning to take place making it a necessity for companies to change how they conduct their business and […]

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Netsuite Integrates Cloud Computing into its ERP Solution

Netsuite’s newest offering demonstrates the continued innovation required to succeed in today’s competitive ERP Software market. With hundreds of different ERP Solutions, it becomes necessary for companies to continue to differentiate themselves from the field through new innovations and better features. Netsuite’s new OneWorld Solution is demonstrative of their continued committment towards the ERP Software […]

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ERP ROI An Important Consideration for SMBs

Small and midsize businesses may not treat an ERP implementation with as much thought as a larger corporation. Smaller businesses may feel the cost of implementation in a smaller company is not as troublesome or as expensive compared to a larger company. However, this way of thought is very flawed. ERP implementations are long and […]

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ERP Software Will Not Always Work as Planned

Although companies try to plan for any potential problems, there are many things which can prevent things from going as planned. All the planning and preparation in the world can’t prevent unexpected issues from arising when dealing with new issues such as new software implementations. It is impossible to account for hidden problems that are […]

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ERP Implementations Taking Longer and Costing More.

According to a recent study conducted by the Panama Consulting Group, ERP Implementations are becoming more complicated and costing more. Although this finding is counterintuitive with normal expectations, not all of these problems may be due to the software providers. Only 13% of respondents were satisfied with their implementation processes which makes for significantly poor […]

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Natural Sugar Factory ERP Software

Foreign-based Natural Sugar Factory has developed a new ERP Software tailored to fit their specific industry. With ERP Software options limited for the sugar industry, Natural Sugar Factory looked for a way to streamline their processes and optimize production. In doing so, they developed their own ERP software that specifically meets the requirements of sugar […]

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Deacom ERP Software Helps Manage Canadian Plant

Deacom ERP Software is being used by Brockport home Systems to help streamline its existing business processes and enhance the manufacturing and construction processes of its house parts. Brockport Home Systems can use Deacom system to fully automate its plant and provide integrated functionality with its building component industry, a feature that DEACOM specializes in. […]

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