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Speedy Products Implements IBS ERP Software

Speedy Products has come to an agreement with IBS to implement IBS’ ERP software in its new China location. Speedy Products will continue its use of IBS ERP products as it expands its agreement with IBS to include its new China location. IBS provides companies with a fully integrated ERP solution which includes all aspects […]

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Eastern Software System Enhances ERP Solution

The technological advances that are continually made are forcing ERP companies to update existing software packages as well as offer new features. The race to introduce new features first has caused the competition between ERP companies to escalate. This has provided ERP users with many benefits as they are able to gain access to new […]

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Agresso to Enhance Student ERP Systems

Agresso, a leader in the ERP industry, has agreed to provide new features and improves existing Student ERP systems. Agresso will add a host of new features and functionalities which should make the utilization of the ERP system a lot simpler and user friendly. Agresso has long been a provider of ERP solutions for businesses […]

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Emeritus Corp Chooses Agresso ERP

Emeritus Corporation has chosen Agresso ERP as their ERP software solution. Included in the agreement is a wide range of Agresso’s software applications which should help Emeritus continue to run smoothly and adapt easily to the changing business environment. Agresso ERP generally targets people-centric business which are constantly changing. Emeritus Corporation, which is a provider […]

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Bowen & Groves ERP Honored at Award Ceremony

Bowen & Groves, a leading Manufacturing ERP system developer has been honored at the 2008 International Business Awards for its M1 by B&G ERP software. Bowen & Groves ERP platform was selected from over 1700 entries that come from over 30 different countries. Winners of the various awards were selected by a panel of volunteer […]

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Comstar Implements Oracle’s ERP System

Comstar announced that it has implemented Oracle’s full scale ERP system. Comstar began implementation of the ERP system years ago, with the actual implementation of the ERP system occurring in several stages. Comstar employees have also been trained in the use of the new ERP system. The implementation of this ERP system occurred in several […]

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Sage Announces Release of Sage Pro ERP 7.5

Sage will launch the new version of its ERP system, Sage Pro ERP 7.5, which is geared toward SMBs. With the new release comes many features that were frequently requested by Sage ERP customers. Some of the new features available in this upcoming release are:      -Expanded Drilldowns in Reports      -Easy Maintenance      -Integration […]

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