Eastern Software System Enhances ERP Solution

The technological advances that are continually made are forcing ERP companies to update existing software packages as well as offer new features. The race to introduce new features first has caused the competition between ERP companies to escalate. This has provided ERP users with many benefits as they are able to gain access to new features they would have never been able to dream of.

ESS, a provider of ERP solutions, has recently announced improvements to its existing ERP solution. With new interfaces as well as more report functions, ESS is providing users with an easier to use system as well as a more complete ERP solution. ESS’s new solution provides more customization and flexibility that allows companies to tailor their ERP system to their own needs. The technological race continues as ERP providers compete to provide the most complete solution available. In doing so, ERP users should look forward to the many features that likely will be unveiled in the near future.

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