SAP: Experimenting with Sybase

At Sapphire Now, SAP talked a bit more about Sybase and its focus for on-premise, on-device and on demand systems. James Governor, co-found of Redmonk, says that SAP is throwing out the seeds to see what flowers. There has been a huge change in the development culture and SAP is a doing a lot of experimentation – ERP trial and error if you will.

Jim Hagemann Snabe, co-CEO of SAP, made a big point about people and the content we are producing as evidence of the need to shift towards a more ubiquitous world where collaboration is the rule, not the exception. In turn, real-time services are becoming the most important element in the way people interact and make decisions.

This transcends the on-premise vs cloud infrastructure debate. Real-time decisions are needed no matter what the delivery, and the data needs to be available anytime, anywhere, which is where real-time analytics and the Sybase acquisition come into play.

Sybase is supposed to be the database for the mobile device, and with in-memory, the belief is that customers can get that real-time analysis, accessing SAP apps.

SAP is careful not to make too deep of a commitment to cloud computing, making it clear that SAP will always be true to its roots in the on premise world.

Experimentation is underway, the seeds are in the ground. Now we’ll just have to wait and see what flowers bloom.

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