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SAP Company Sybase Updates Mobile ERP Application Platform

Sybase, an SAP company that provides mobile ERP software, today released an update its Sybase Unwired Platform, a platform for producing mobile ERP applications. The platform allows enterprise developers to easily and rapidly build applications that enable mobile devices to access business data. It includes a tooling environment, integration with a variety os different ERP […]

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SAP: Experimenting with Sybase

At Sapphire Now, SAP talked a bit more about Sybase and its focus for on-premise, on-device and on demand systems. James Governor, co-found of Redmonk, says that SAP is throwing out the seeds to see what flowers. There has been a huge change in the development culture and SAP is a doing a lot of […]

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SAP Acquires Sybase

Breaking ERP news-SAP is acquiring Sybase for $5.8 million. Oracle, are you scared yet? Although it’s only speculation, SAP is said to have made the deal to compete with Oracle. The ERP giant Oracle grew its business after a $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems last year. The  SAP-Sybase cash deal is expected to close […]

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