Green ERP with ClickSoftware

ERP solutions have been called many things: time-savers, money-savers…

Thanks to ClickSoftware, ERP solutions can also be called ‘green’.

ClickSoftware is a provider of automated workforce management, ERP and business solutions. ClickSoftware has on demand and on premise deployment options for their customers, as well as solutions for businesses of any-size.

ClickSoftware Technologies recently announced that they have been recognized by Sapphire Now as an ERP Executive in the category of Best Green Initiative.

“It’s an honor for us to be recognized by ERP Executive magazine for our contribution to the environment,” said VP at ClickSoftware, Simon Morris. “Service organizations are under increasing pressure to adopt environmentally friendly strategies and they are recognizing that automated workforce management and optimization technology can help them significantly reduce their carbon emissions. At the same time, this technology enables them to boost employee productivity, improve customer responsiveness and increase revenues from operating more efficiently.”

The Best Green Initiative award was meant to “recognize innovation that enables organizations to directly reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency”.

ClickSoftware’s ERP and automated workforce technology helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint. The Green ERP solution optimizes fuel efficiency, by mapping out efficient routes for field technicians. ClickSoftware also transforms fuel cost management into travel management by making sure the right employees are doing the right things at the right time. The Green ERP solution also helps companies dole out tasks efficiently to mobile workers, which would reduce travel by as much as 20%.

The business of automating processes is already ‘green’, but ClickSoftware can help optimize your businesses ‘green’ quotient. ClickSoftware is the proud owner of the greener grass on the other side of the ERP fence.

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