Oracle’s Continued Shopping Spree

Recently, Oracle made  a statement saying that a portion of the proceeds from their $3.25 billion debt issue will be used for future acquisitions, so it appears that their purchasing tendencies will continue. Now the question lies in which companies and industries will Oracle gamble on.

Many analysts believe that Oracle will try to make strides in its vertical offerings. Analysts are projecting that Oracle may make an effort to buy software that will enable them to sell billing and order management systems to telecom and ISP companies, and others believe they may make a push into health care applications.

There have been previous rumors regarding an Oracle acquisition of Cerner. Cerner, a maker of health care applications, already utilizes Oracle’s database software and the company generated revenue of $1.67 billion in the 2009 fiscal year.

Additionally, Oracle may try to boost there ERP offerings through an acquisition of Lawson Software. Lawson Software is one of the industry’s largest remaining independent ERP vendors, and Oracle could see a big jump in its small to mid-market ERP customers. The acquisition of Lawson would also provide Oracle with ERP software positioned at the health care industry.

There are a number of plays that Oracle can make in the software industry, and without a doubt their acquisition habits will not stop now. However, with their recent purchase of Sun Microsystems, Oracle has become a serious player in the hardware market, which leaves almost everything in the technology industry on their shopping list.

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