NetSuite’s Ecommerce Solution Increases Igloo’s Productivity

Igloo Products Corp. has recently chosen NetSuite to update and improve their website using NetSuite’s Ecommerce solution. The Texas-based cooler distributor wanted to improve their costly and outdated website to create a site that would be both easy to maintain and consumer-friendly. NetSuite was able to accommodate the company and has delivered impressive results in the process.

Igloo’s previous website was archaic in both its presentation as well as its functionality. The company’s product line is constantly changing as the merchandisers improve on certain coolers and eliminate others, so the stagnant format of the site’s product pages resulted in the need for regular work and attention as the pages became stale and outdated. The company often had to hire external support to maintain the website, which was complex and time-consuming to keep up to date.

The new and improved site can be easily managed and updated by the Igloo designers and merchandisers, thus eliminating completely the need to hire costly IT specialists and outside support. The new site includes attractive marketing features that make the consumer experience easier and more pleasant. Following the current social media trend, the company is now integrated with Facebook and Twitter as a way to keep Igloo representatives and customers more connected. Igloo is able to maintain this connection to consumers with the ability to control all aspects of product presentation on the website. This consistent interaction between Igloo officials and consumers allows the company to design and develop products based on customer attitude, giving them a better idea as to what will be successful in the market.

According to a statement released on their website,, Igloo Product Corp. has seen a 40% increase in traffic to their site and a 30% increase in web sales. This enormous success is a reflection of both the increased functionality of the website as well as the improved presentation of the products on the site. NetSuite’s cloud-based Ecommerce software has significantly improved the consumer experience on Igloo’s website while integrating the company into various social media outlets and creating a more organized and efficient way to manage products on the site. This improvement has subsequently brought a considerable increase in success and sales to Igloo Products Corp.

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