Finding the Best ERP Software with an ERP Review

ERP software optimizes your business processes and connects disparate systems into one central database, delivering comprehensive, real-time visibility to every department within your organization. There are many ERP products available on the market and finding the solution with the right modules and features can be a difficult task.

As you conduct your research to find the best ERP software for your needs, you will come across product sheets, brochures, and other marketing collateral from ERP vendors. Though this information is useful to learn more about the features of a particular ERP product, they also generally paint a positive picture of the product, making it difficult to assess the true effectiveness of the solution. Reading an ERP review can be a great way to get insight into the ERP product you are considering. And if you have used an ERP solution in the past, writing your own ERP review will help other businesses just like yours find the right ERP product for their requirements. was launched with this idea in mind to provide a venue where real users can leave real reviews of the ERP products they have used. Whether you are content with your current ERP software or have had a nightmarish experience where everything went wrong, your feedback can help others as they go through the ERP selection and implementation process.

An ERP review can be a powerful piece of information in understanding how an ERP product really works.  As you go through the process of selecting your ERP software, don’t forget to read ERP reviews as part of your research process. And if you have ever used an ERP software system, writing your own ERP review will help other companies like yours find the ERP solution for their needs.

If you have used an ERP product in the past or are currently using one, feel free to write an ERP review.

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  1. Good article. There are five areas to consider when selecting ERP (Functional Fit, Technical Fit, Organizational Fit, Financial Fit, and Implementation Partners). It’s important to remember that you can select an ERP solution with the best functionality but if you cannot implement it then no value is generated.

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