Apparel Companies Turn to NGC to Improve Company Performance

NGC Software has recently been chosen by several large apparel companies to implement their Extended PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ERP software to increase productivity. Vesi Incorporated, a leading manufacturer of collegiate sportswear, and Jaya Apparel Group, a fast-growing women’s fashion company, have both selected NGC’s PLM and ERP software to reorganize their system and to improve the functionality of their business.

Vesi Incorporated works with several overseas vendors to assist in the manufacturing of their products, and the communications with these vendors was subpar and often unorganized without the presence of NGC’s software. Vesi chose NGC to implement their software throughout the company’s system as a way to increase both communication and transparency between internal staff members as well as external vendors. The ability to easily collaborate with outside vendors is one of the many benefits of NGC’s Extended PLM.

Jaya Apparel Group has 10 divisions that it administers, including the high fashion line designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Elizabeth and James, as well as the women’s fashion label Patterson J. Kincaid. Jaya has the responsibility of overseeing a wide array of labels, so the ability to communicate efficiently with every division and department is hugely important. Jaya Apparel chose NGC to implement their software because the system is web-based and easy to extend throughout the company’s different departments.

NGC’s Time and Action calendar, a benefit of the Extended PLM software, eliminates the bother of creating spreadsheets by neatly organizing a company’s workload onto one wide-ranging application available throughout the company’s system.

With the help of NGC’s ERP software, apparel companies are able to communicate within their company and with external vendors more efficiently, thus increasing their productivity and improving the quality of the product designs.

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