Lawson Software’s Disaster Recovery ERP

Cloud ERP vendor, Lawson, has launched a Disaster Recover service for Lawson customers that want coverage in the event of a technology-related disaster. Lawson Software is a global enterprise software provider whose software and services reach across 40 different countries. Lawson has launched Disaster Recovery for their ERP customers to help organizations resume business operations in the event of a tech-catastrophe. The new Lawson ERP Disaster Recovery is currently available to Lawson S3 customers with a Windows OS.

Disaster Recovery ERP was designed with the customer in mind, helping provide security for Lawson’s customers’ information. The delivery method for the Disaster Recovery technology is on demand, so Lawson customers can enjoy the flexible capacity of the ERP product. Lawson Data Recovery ERP will be able to pull customer data and restore software ERP functionality, giving businesses the ability to be back in operation in 12 hours or less.

“Currently, many organizations risk being down for days and losing significant amounts of data in the event of a disaster, and that can be devastating to their business. Our customers have asked for a reliable cost effective business continuity solution when it comes to their most time-sensitive business processes,” said Lawson VP, Terry Plath. “By taking advantage of the flexible capacity and rapid scalability of the Cloud, we can quickly restore the customers’ instance of the software along with their production data to minimize down time. This helps minimize the time it takes to get them back on track with their core business processes. Ultimately, this provides greater peace of mind when lost minutes and hours can make a tremendous impact on their business.”

Scott County Minnesota, a Lawson customer, has implemented cloud Lawson Disaster Recovery. With the help of Lawson ERP, the country has improved their recovery time by 36 hours. The cloud ERP provider and county administrators worked closely during the implementation process to ensure that industry best practices were being used. Lawson also helped the county test recovery time once the implementation phase was over.

“Our constituents, including county employees, need confidence that we can confidence that we can continue our business operations in the event of a disaster,” said CFO of Scott County, Kevin Ellsworth. “Our testing of Lawson Disaster Recovery has shown a significant reduction in the amount of time it can take us to restore many of our core significant reduction in the amount of time it can take us to restore many of our core business processes. We need to be able to make payroll, manage our financials and ensure that we have supplies needed to run efficiently. Extended downtime can cause considerable disruption in our services to residents of the county and our employees, which is not acceptable.”

The company hinted at creating disaster recovery software in early April and has since then made the software available for its S3 customers. “This product introduction underscores the fact that some of the best innovation in enterprise software comes from the collaboration we have with our customers,” said Plath. “By listening to their needs and working closely with them on innovative ideas, we’re able to deliver new products and services that address issues that directly affect their business. Now with Cloud computing as a reality in enterprise software we’re able to bring even greater innovation and speed to market with new products and services.”

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