Novus Selects Epicor ERP

Novus, a biological products manufacturer, has selected Epicor 9 to streamline its ERP processes. Epicor provides ERP solutions for midmarket companies as well as Global 1000 conglomerates. Novus’ products are designed to organize and expedite scientific research processes in the biotechnology field. Novus has implemented Epicor ERP in the hopes of facilitating and sustaining profitable business growth.

Novus is based in Colorado with operations in the UK and over 170,000 products. Before settling on Epicor 9, the company used a legacy system. As Novus began to proliferate, the company realized they needed a more efficient ERP solution. Novus selected Epicor ERP to streamline their front and back end processes to optimize workplace efficiency. Novus Biologicals was keen on implementing Epicor ERP because it would provide the biotech company with a single system record and promote enterprise-wide visibility.

Scott Osgood, VP of IT for Novus explains: “Selecting Epicor’s highly scalable and flexible ERP solution was critical to supporting our expansion plans and consolidation strategies. As a result of our substantial product line growth, Novus Biologicals is expanding into new markets and geographies prompting us to invest in a modern enterprise-class system that can support our global business requirements. Epicor will automate tasks, streamline business processes and synchronize backend operations allowing us to focus on strategic activities that will help us facilitate profitable growth.”

Novus is keen on overseas expansion and leveraging Epicor 9’s ERP solution to make it happen. Unlike the legacy system, Epicor ERP helps businesses delegate resources in efficient ways. “The opening of our UK office was the tipping point which led us to search for a global business management solution,” said Osgood. Epicor 9 is equipped with multi-currency, country and language options, thereby making global expansion feasible.

Novus looks forward to leveraging Epicor 9 to decrease inventory costs as well, due to efficient planning. With Epicor ERP, Novus can better manage tracking, scheduling and supply chain management. “Understanding the position and availability of our products throughout the world allows us to deliver our products and services faster and at a lower cost to our customers,” said Osgood. Epicor ERP is also helping Novus improve their customer interactions by expediting and managing customer demands more efficiently.

“We are excited to provide Novus Biologicals with a flexible business solution that will scale with the company as they grow now and in the future,” said Epicor VP, James Norwood. “Epicor will allow Novus Biologicals to focus their attention on strategic growth activities by enabling them to be more efficient in the management of their business operations and responsivie to the needs of their customers on a global basis.”

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