Codan Rubber Selects Epicor

Recently, Codan Rubber Mexico announced its latest ERP selection decision. Codan Rubber decided to implement Epicor ERP to fulfill the manufacturing needs of their global rubber auto parts manufacturing and distribution facilities. The Epicor ERP solution will improve the company’s real-time decision making and increase visibility across the enterprise, resulting in improved information flow and increased productivity.

Codan Rubber underwent a lengthy process evaluating various ERP solutions until they finally decided to deploy Epicor ERP. Epicor was chosen because of its strong functionality and its ability to optimize business processes by facilitating effective control and visibility. The ERP solution featured easy-to-use tools such as the Advanced Product Quality Planning, which is an important process for automotive manufacturers.

Additionally, Codan Rubber took a particular shine to Epicor’s renowned implementation methodology, and they specifically like the process that Epicor established to provide milestones with concrete success criteria to gauge realistic expectations of ROI during each phase of the implementation.

Overall, Codan Rubber appears satisfied with their deployment of the Epicor ERP solution, and the cost-effective software package will benefit the company by increasing the visibility of production activities and the associated costs, while providing a highly flexible system designed expressly for mid-market manufacturing companies.

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