Epicor Manufacturing Express Success Story

Recently, Symetrics Industries, an aerospace and defense manufacturing company,announced that they successfully deployed an Epicor ERP solution. Symetrics runs a production facility that manufactures and tests aerospace systems for governments around the world, and it became necessary to seek out an ERP solution that would help automate manufacturing processes. After a careful consideration and evaluation process Symetrics finally settled with Epicor 9 to assist in managing and streamlining their manufacturing processes.

Using Epicor 9, an Enterprise Resource Planning solution, Symetrics was able to properly track their products while accommodating new materials and manufacturing technologies. The ERP system was able to streamline business processes and improve overall operating efficiency. Epicor 9 leverages the second generation service oriented architecture to continuously provide unparalleled support and performance initiatives that improve business flexibility. Additionally, information data flow is vastly improved by the Epicor ERP’s ability to provide real-time connectivity between the manufacturing applications and the partners.

The deployment of the Epicor 9 ERP solution has enabled Symetrics to achieve a nearly flawless track record by improving cycle times, improving on-time deliveries, and reducing errors. The flexibility and dependability of the Epicor Manufacturing solution has allowed Symetrics to maintain a lean organization that has seen its revenues rise to 67 percent, while minimizing total inventory and inventory costs.

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