Chicago Business Intelligence Group Intros Customized Reporting

A new service capability has been introduced by the Chicago Business Intelligence Group. This new capability is designed to help businesses to accelerate the development of operational and analytical reports, while also reducing the costs traditionally associated with building a full reporting capability.

Todd Nash, President of Chicago Business Intelligence Group Consulting, noted that the elimination of the standard hardware, resource costs and software infrastructure, along with the availability of expert business intelligence and talent, will enable organizations to leverage business intelligence to rapidly solve growing and critical business needs.

Companies seeking to leverage business intelligence technologies traditionally were met with significant capital investments in server and license costs. These up front capital costs can now be removed to get business intelligence reports up and running quickly with a new service from Chicago Business Intelligence Group.

The Group positions its solutions as being flexible enough to fit within nearly every business environment and need. The group offers reporting solutions that include secured professional Web-enabled reports; the design and build of a reporting database; hosted reporting solutions capabilities; prototyped reports and/or dashboards; and new reporting compliance standards.

The business intelligence capabilities delivered to end users enable them to turn reports created in Excel or Access into professional web-enabled reports; organizations who need help with consolidating, integrating and transforming raw data into business metrics can create professional reports; and, organizations needing help with reporting and data integration and infrastructure to host the solution can turn to the Chicago Business Intelligence Group.

Nash highlighted that this new service offering is enjoying widespread acceptance as business intelligence is gaining ground and companies are also seeking ways to eliminate the associated cost. This approach is expected to be a cornerstone of the firm’s business for years to come.

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