CDC Software Closes Two Huge Deals

Recently, CDC Software, a provider of SaaS ERP solutions, has announced that they have closed two very impressive deals this quarter. They have even been able to increase their total contract backlog by roughly 40% compared to last year.

The total contract backlog, for those who are unfamiliar, is the total amount of unrecognized contracted SaaS revenue combined with the total amount of unrecognized term license contracted, plus the annualized maintenance figures based on rolling averages of the past year. This year, CDC was able to post $99 million for maintenance and $41 million in SaaS revenue, totaling somewhere in the ballpark of $140 million. This total is approximately $40 million more than the previous year’s total contract backlog.

The two prominent deals recently closed by CDC included one made by a food manufacturer operating with 16 US plants. The food manufacturer deployed the CDC Factory solution, which is an on-premise manufacturing operations management  application. In the second deal, CDC sold their TradeBeam Solution. The TradeBeam software is a SaaS global trade management solution, that was purchased by an international Fortune 1000 Company.

CDC Software is very proud of their increased total contract backlog, and with the recent transactions of their ERP solutions. It’s clear CDC Software will remain a prominent player in the ERP solution industry for the foreseeable future if they continue to provide a high quality product with high quality service, and continue to sustain the growth that they have been accustomed to as of late.

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