Oracle Shows Plans to Virtualize in Webcast

Today, Oracle is holding a webcast to show viewers how the integrated business software provider is going to integrate virtualization throughout its applications. Oracle is announcing its virtualization strategy because the company wants to expand its focus. Oracle hopes to show that its rivals, such as VMware, are narrowly focused and cannot offer as much as Oracle can.

Oracle has been pitching integrated application, database and hardware systems so the plan to offer virtualization is not a surprise. The Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle, Edward Screven, commented on Oracle’s intentions. He explained that Oracle intends to offer virtualization through its Internet Technology stack preconfigured. Screven said, “Enterprises have looked at virtualization more or less as a way to consolidate. But it’s more than just server virtualization.”

Oracle has a large collection of virtualized assets, including applications, databases and desktop virtualization tools. Oracle is selling virtualization software that offers rapid deployment, no installation or configuration costs and enterprise-class support for virtualization environments. Screven mentioned that Oracle has a broader focus as opposed to VMware which was “narrowly focused on server virtualization.” Other competitors, including Microsoft and Red Hat, have virtualization and an operating system but no applications.

Oracle wants to throw its hat in the virtualization ring. The company recognizes that the concept of the cloud and virtualization have taken off and it wants to keep up with the trend. Oracle’s virtualization Webcast today is only the beginning. Find out more about Oracle’s intentions to virtualize on Oracle’s website.

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