Supply Chain ERP on the iPad

Recently, Next View Software announced the release of its supply chain ERP solution for the iPad.

Next View’s ERP solutions are web-based and feature labor management, workforce productivity, and warehouse management support. Next View sees its move to the iPad as a natural extension of their service offerings, and Next View’s ERP customers could use the mobility of the iPad to optimize efficiency in their business processes. With the recent trend of taking business solutions mobile, it’s expected for a web-based ERP solution provider to extend their products to mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads.

Many of Next Views partners, primarily those engaged in industrial engineering, are especially interested in utilizing the the web-based ERP solution  in order to optimize their labor and workforce management. The iPad would allow the users to leverage the ERP solution while on the floor. This would allow them to make notes of observations, audit labor standards, and to coordinate various travel paths.

Next View’s ERP solution for the iPad will definitely bring added functionality to warehouse floors, and improve workforce productivity and labor management.

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