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SAP’s Business ByDesign is “not a fantasy”

SAP’s on-demand ERP (enterprise resource planning) suite Business ByDesign “is not a fantasy,” CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe said during a press conference last week. Snabe was addressing quiet thoughts of attendees at the Sappire conference in regards to Business ByDesign’s postponed product roll out back in 2008. SAP originally hoped to have 10,000 customers and […]

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SAP: Experimenting with Sybase

At Sapphire Now, SAP talked a bit more about Sybase and its focus for on-premise, on-device and on demand systems. James Governor, co-found of Redmonk, says that SAP is throwing out the seeds to see what flowers. There has been a huge change in the development culture and SAP is a doing a lot of […]

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‘Real’ Real-Time for SAP Customers

SAP announced at their recent Sapphire Conference that the company aims to “eliminate the divide between transactional and analytical applications with in-memory technology”. SAP highlighted that the next frontier for SAP would be pushing for developments in ‘real’ real-time computing technology. SAP plans to use the real-time technology to enable new applications, extend the reach […]

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Highlights from SAP Sapphire 2010

SAP’s annual Sapphire conference is an event for senior executives, business managers, and decision makers to experience how innovative business solutions from SAP enable business growth. SAP enhances real-time connectivity with users by bringing event attendees together with global participants at the 3-day Sapphire Now Conference. Here are a few brief highlights from the conference: […]

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SAP Shows Us How to Go Green with Workforce Management

During the German portion of their SAPPHIRE conference, SAP has been doling out service awards. One of the software companies happy to make the cut is ClickSoftware Technologies, a workforce management and service optimization solutions provider that was given an ERP Executive Best of SAPPHIRE NOW Award. Specifically, ClickSoftware was recognized in the Best Green […]

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SAP Business ByDesign Is Out–So What’s NetSuite’s Next Move?

As we’ve mentioned here before, the battle between NetSuite and SAP for cloud-ERP dominance has been a lengthy, and very one-sided one. NetSuite made its name selling business software products on the Software-as-a-Service model, while SAP is historically all about the legacy systems. The latter vendor has come under fire for their lack of cloud […]

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SAP Targets Business Intelligence through In-Memory Database Appliances

It goes without saying that a lot of SAP-related news has to do with their cloud-based ERP offerings, or lack thereof. Thankfully, their SAPPHIRE conference last week gave us something else to talk about—like how they’ll be competing with Oracle on yet another level: in-memory database appliances. A software giant’s business is never done, it […]


More Racing to the Cloud: SAP Adds Virtualization

SAP covered three basic segments at their SAPPHIRE conference last week: on-premise, on-demand, and on-device product strategy. And while the on-demand end news was largely speculative and related to plans for future products, they did announce a virtualization partnership with Cisco, EMC, and VMware’s Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalition. The VCE was formed in 2009, […]

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Microsoft Attempts to Undercut SAP, Announces A Two-Tier ERP Connector

To the surprise of very few familiar with the incessant sparring between ERP software giants, Microsoft was one of a few enterprises to try and undermine SAP’s Sapphire conference. During the conference last week, the German software company announced the general release of their (much-anticipated) cloud-based ERP system, Business ByDesign. Microsoft, meanwhile, made a move […]

SAP’s Strategy Trending Towards Mobile Technology To Gain ERP Market Share

SAP reiterated its focus on delivering its software on-premise, on-demand and on mobile devices and on designing these components in a consistent way to ensure consistent, real-time data. While many of SAP’s users like SAP’s push on mobile, on-demand and in-memory, their core customers remain focused on getting onto the latest ERP release and taking […]

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