‘Real’ Real-Time for SAP Customers

SAP announced at their recent Sapphire Conference that the company aims to “eliminate the divide between transactional and analytical applications with in-memory technology”. SAP highlighted that the next frontier for SAP would be pushing for developments in ‘real’ real-time computing technology. SAP plans to use the real-time technology to enable new applications, extend the reach of SAP systems across the mobile devices and give users the ability to manage operations from the shop-floor to the boardroom.

“We believe that enterprises are looking to unleash the power of the existing landscapes,” said SAP CTO Vishal Sikka. “And we believe in doing that without breaking continuity, without bringing disruption to your existing systems. Every once in a while, a set of technologies converge that change everything; entirely new sorts of innovations and products become possible,” hints Sikka at SAP’s new real real-time applications. “SAP is reinventing the real-time enterprise.”

SAP plans to speed up the existing SAP systems and liberate information within the systems to extend reach. SAP also announced their plans to launch a project code-named “Gateway” that would produce products that attach to existing SAP software so that anyone could build and deliver applications. Gateway would help liberate SAP application functionality and liberate content across mobile devices and presentation technologies. SAP will leverage Sybase technology to help with the process of bring SAP software to the mobile sphere. “The fantastic middleware that Sybase has around mobility gives us an unbelievable opportunity to unbind-to “unwire”- the existing systems that are sitting in your landscape,” said Sikka.

SAP used the conference to talk about things to come, like the “Real Enterprise 2.0”. SAP plans to bring in-computing memory to their ERP and business intelligence systems. SAP’s in-memory database will also have a faster implementation time. The best part of SAP’s ‘real-time enterprise 2.0’ is that not only will ERP implementation be lightening fast, but also without disruption. SAP has designed their in-memory database to implement without changing or losing any of the customer’s software or date.  The in-memory software can directly access SAP software to get information in real-time. The benefit of real-time ERP information is that CEO’s and managers can access critical information to make decisions and take action immediately.

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