Truth About Open Source ERP

Many companies see the benefits of using enterprise resource planning software but are weary of the implementation process. ERP implementation  is often a long and expensive process that usually includes hiring of consultants to make sure the implementation is done correctly. But with open source ERP, companies can gain the benefit of using ERP software without having to worry about going through the implementation process.

What Is Open Source ERP?

Open source ERP is an ERP solution that is hosted on an outside server. This virtually eliminates the implementation process and can often be the least expensive ERP solution for many businesses. As with traditional ERP software, the features can vary greatly between companies

Open Source ERP Eliminates Implementations

With open source ERP, companies can simply download the source code needed and get the software up and running on their own. This is also true when downloading new features or plug-ins; users simply download new features instead of having to go through the process of contacting the ERP vendor to help the process.

Most companies largest fear of Open Source ERP is the fact that important company, and customer information will be stored on a third party server, giving the company less control over security.

Is Open Source ERP Right for Your Business

The main advantages of open source ERP is they cost less than a traditional ERP solution and companies don’t need to go through the long implementation process. As with traditional ERP software, companies need to compare ERP vendors to find the ERP solution with the features they need to efficiently run their business.

Whether a company decides on a traditional ERP solution or an Open Source ERP, companies need to research what their needs are and then compare vendors to find the ERP solution that best fits its needs.  If you decided to go the traditional route, check out the Top 20 ERP Vendors white paper.

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