Enterprise Resource Planning: Software to Help Your Business

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) was first developed over 40 years ago to help companies improve inventory control and management at manufacturing companies. Since then, enterprise resource planning has gained in popularity as well as features. Now, enterprise resource planning software link all essential business functions in a cohesive way.

What Is Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

An enterprise resource planning software combines components of hardware and software to integrate numerous back-office functions across the entire company. ERP solutions are comprised of a series of modules that are linked together through a common database. This allows departments throughout a company collaborate and share information. The goal of any enterprise resource planning software is to streamline a company’s important business functions.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software Key Benefits

Enterprise resource planning software can help companies from the planning stage to execution. ERP software can help get a company’s day-to-day activities to run more smoothly, reduce redundant activities by standardizing core procedures, eliminate data silos by storing all data in a centralized repository, helps facilitate effective collaboration across multiple departments, reduces a company’s overhead costs and can strategic planning by providing a more accurate assessment of needs while enabling goal vs. outcome reporting.

Enterprise Resource Planning Key Features

ERP software contains a wide spectrum of modules to help a variety of functions like:

Does Your Company Need Enterprise Resource Planning?

As stated before, enterprise resource planning is made to help streamline business processes and help improve efficiency. Not many companies would say they wouldn’t need streamlined business processes or improved efficiency. Most, if not all, companies can benefit from enterprise resource planning software. To maximize the benefits, companies need to research ERP solutions to find the right software for their companies needs.

To find the right enterprise resource planning software is to evaluate your company needs and then compare vendors to find the right ERP solution. A good place to start is Top 20 ERP Vendors white paper.