How Your Company Can Benefit from Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing companies face a multitude of challenges in keeping up with an ever changing economy and finding ways to reduce costs and increase profits. Manufacturing software is designed to help companies improve their entire business process from design to completion. ERP for manufacturing provides tools to improve engineering, planning, and production quality in the most cost effective way.

What Is Manufacturing Software?

Manufacturing software helps companies streamline product design and configuration, track and manage product components, automate production scheduling, speed up the manufacturing process and improve the quality of the products being produced.  Manufacturing software can help companies find ways to reduce production costs so savings can be passed on to customers.

Manufacturing Software Key Features

There are numerous ERP for manufacturing solutions out there designed to help different types of production industries. Each manufacturing software provides a wide variety of features but they are all designed with the following tasks in mind:

  • Engineering to streamline product design and configuration, automate the creation of bill of materials, and provide effective change control
  • Material requirements planning to balance supply with future demand, manage component requirements changes, and identify and prevent potential material shortages or surpluses
  • Capacity planning to identify growth trends and analyze how both current and anticipated demands will impact production centers
  • Production management to create automated manufacturing processes and workflows, and streamline the scheduling of people and equipment based on current and forecasted work orders
  • Quality control to enable the implementation of proven, repeatable quality assurance processes, ensure compliance with quality standards such as ISO, and provide thorough quality-related documentation
  • Cost management for understanding how design, sourcing, procurement, and production decisions affect products costs, and effectively managing expenses across the entire product lifecycle

Choosing Manufacturing Software

With the sheer number of ERP software options and the variety of manufacturing processes, choosing the right ERP for manufacturing can seem like a daunting task for any company. Since there are so many different options, the only way to find the ERP solution best for your company is to compare ERP software vendors.

The best way to find the right manufacturing software ERP solution for your business is to compare ERP software vendors. Start here with the Top 20 ERP Vendors white paper.