SAP Attempts to Simplify UI

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software giant SAP has recently been making an effort to improve and simplify the complex user interface (UI) that has garnered criticism from frustrated clients. The current UIs of most SAP software solutions are complicated to navigate and, for most users, include unnecessary features.

SAP has been attempting to improve their user interface by simplifying the applications and making them easier for wide customer use. Because their customer base is so broad, the applications need to be flexible enough to fit a wide range of users.

For this reason, SAP has been attempting to provide its customers with comprehensive SAP software on a more familiar and simplistic platform. Duet Enterprise software, for example, is designed to allow customers access to SAP applications through Microsoft SharePoint 2010. By integrating SAP with Microsoft, which is arguably the most familiar platform on the market, the company is appealing to a wider base of users who are confident in their ability to navigate through the applications.

Aside from Microsoft, SAP has turned to partners to help simplify SAP application processes to make them more available to the wide user base. One such partner, OpenSpan, improves the SAP user interface by breaking down complicated software (such as SAP’s ERP software solutions) into specified processes. The program is tailored to fit the user, and makes the process task-specific for that user. OpenSpan, unlike many of SAP’s newer user interfaces, accommodates both new and old SAP software as well as non-SAP technology.

SAP is attempting to reduce the number of frustrated clients who complain that their user interface is unnecessarily complex by allowing users the option of customizing their own UI. Customers can fully customize their individual user interface by using Flash or Silverlight. This option is aimed to appease the users who do not have any need for the complicated features of SAP applications.

While it can be agreed that SAP’s user interface is often more complex and difficult to manage than it needs to be, some believe that standardization of the system, rather than giving users the option to customize their own design, makes the most logical sense.


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